Welcome to Treasures of Himalaya your premier destination for pure and natural honey, nestled in the heart of Himalaya.

At Treasures of Himalaya, our commitment to excellence in honey production is unwavering, rooted in a deep reverence for the environment, our valued partners, dedicated beekeepers, and the timeless art of honey-making. We believe in preserving nature’s pristine beauty and upholding sustainable practices at every step. Our extensive selection spans a diverse range of honey varieties, each distinguished by its exclusive flavor profile and the inherent health advantages it bestows. We painstakingly gather these precious nectars, ensuring that their innate purity and nutritional virtues remain intact, in harmony with the natural world.

Our honey portfolio is an ode to nature’s bounty, offering a multitude of exquisite flavors and healthful benefits. For those seeking the perfect accompaniment to their morning tea, a natural sweetening agent for culinary creations, or a wholesome, unalloyed substitute for refined sugars, our diverse offerings have you covered. From the enchanting floral notes of wildflower honey to the robust richness of buckwheat honey, our extensive array ensures there’s a honey for every taste and purpose.

Moreover, we extend a hand to enterprises and individuals alike, providing an array of services to facilitate personalization and brand enhancement. Private labeling, white labeling, and bulk quantity options are among our offerings, empowering you to infuse your unique identity into our premium honey products. By partnering with us, you’ll not only experience the finest honey but also have the opportunity to elevate your brand with quality and distinction.

As we embark on this shared journey, we warmly invite you to participate in the celebration of nature’s golden nectar. Explore the myriad flavors, the healthful alternatives, and the boundless possibilities that our honey portfolio presents. Whether it’s for your kitchen, your business, or your personal well-being, our honey is a gateway to the richness of nature.

Our passion for honey is unwavering, and our dedication to its myriad benefits is resolute. We firmly believe that honey is a precious natural gift meant to be enjoyed by all. That’s why we’re steadfast in our commitment to deliver the finest honey at an accessible price point, all while diligently nurturing the well-being of our planet and our communities. Join us in savoring the essence of nature’s bounty and the richness it brings to our lives. We are not just a purveyor of honey; we are stewards of the environment, ambassadors of taste, and advocates for sustainability, and we invite you to be part of this meaningful journey towards a sweeter, healthier, and more harmonious world.


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Explore one of the most diverse Honey flavour range from Himalayas.


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Honey with Salajeet

Taste the premium Salajeet with Himalayan honey.


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Research & Deevelopment

Why Save Bees?

Envision a world where the absence of fruits and vegetables is not just a scarcity, but a bleak reality, where the diversity in our diets diminishes, and our agricultural landscapes fall into disarray. This scenario looms closer than we think if we fail to take decisive action to safeguard the bee, especially the invaluable honey bee.

In this mission to save the bees, we find not only the preservation of a vital species but the preservation of our very way of life. By safeguarding the honey bee and its fellow pollinators, we ensure the continuation of the world's most essential ecological processes. The intricate tapestry of life that depends on the tireless work of these buzzing champions remains intact, allowing us to savor the sweetness of nature's harvest and to cherish the beauty of a world teeming with life. Together, let us be stewards of the bee, champions of biodiversity, and architects of a future where our sustenance, our environment, and our communities thrive in harmony with the natural world. Join us in the noble endeavor to SAVE the BEE, and let's write a story of hope, abundance, and ecological balance for generations yet to come.

The Unsung Heroes of Agriculture: Honey bees emerge as the unsung heroes, contributing significantly to 80% of agricultural pollination. Their relentless buzzing from one flower to the next is the driving force behind the growth of the very crops that sustain our existence.

A Third of Our Daily Plate: A staggering one-third of the foods that grace our plates hinge on pollination. Imagine a world without the luscious crunch of apples, the nutritious richness of almonds, or the sweet, vibrant allure of berries. The bee's tireless work is the cornerstone of our daily sustenance.

Beyond Pollination: The impact of bees extends beyond pollination. Their habitats also play a pivotal role in sequestering carbon and enriching soil, nurturing a regenerative agricultural landscape that serves the collective good.

A Precarious Predicament: Our essential pollinators, the honey bees, face an impending crisis. A multitude of factors, including the toxic effects of pesticides, relentless parasite pressures, and subpar nutrition, have conspired to trigger a global decline in their populations.

Paths to Positive Change: The encouraging news is that we can be agents of change. By lending support to initiatives aimed at preserving these vital creatures, we become guardians of the vibrancy of our food supply, the health of our ecosystems, and the promise of a sustainable future for all.

Let's not be bystanders in this critical mission. Be a part of the solution, and join us in the resounding call to SAVE the BEE, for the sake of our world, our food, and our future. Together, we can sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow, where thriving bee populations ensure the abundance of nutritious, delectable produce for generations to come. And as we protect the bees, we also safeguard the intricate web of life on which we depend. Join us in this essential endeavor, and let's secure a bountiful and sustainable future for all.

Research & Deevelopment

Meet the Research and Development Team at Treasures of Himalaya

In the ever-evolving world of honey and beekeeping, our Research and Development (R&D) team stands as the vanguard of innovation, tirelessly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. These dedicated individuals are the lifeblood of our relentless pursuit of excellence, working fervently to enhance our honey products and explore new horizons in the realm of apiculture.

**Unleashing Innovation**: At the heart of their mission lies innovation, the cornerstone of our progress. The R&D team is charged with the task of not just keeping pace with industry developments but leading the charge. They embark on a continuous journey of developing new honey varieties, refining honey extraction processes, and staying informed about the latest breakthroughs in the field. By doing so, they ensure that our offerings remain at the forefront of honey production.

**Guardians of Quality**: Quality assurance is the bedrock of our commitment to our customers. Our R&D team plays a pivotal role in upholding the sanctity of every jar of honey we produce. They meticulously scrutinize and enhance the exceptional quality of our products, ensuring that each jar bears the mark of purity and flavor that our customers expect.

**Pioneering Exploration**: The R&D team is a collective of explorers, venturing into uncharted territory to unlock the full potential of this natural gift. They experiment with unique flavor profiles, delve into the potential health benefits of different honey types, and relentlessly seek to uncover the mysteries that honey, in all its diversity, holds.

**Collaborative Spirit**: Collaboration is the keystone to our progress. Our R&D team works in synergy with other departments, sharing their findings and innovations to seamlessly integrate them into our production process. Their tireless efforts contribute to the constant refinement and expansion of our product range.

**Stewards of Sustainability**: Our commitment extends beyond the confines of product development; it extends to the realm of sustainability. The R&D team is conscientious about the fragile Himalayan ecosystem in which we operate, seeking innovative ways to harmonize our beekeeping practices with nature. They ensure that our honey production not only sustains our pollinators but also safeguards the environment in which they thrive.

**A Passion for Progress**: It's not just their expertise that drives the R&D team; it's their passion for progress and their unwavering dedication to elevating honey production. They understand that by constantly striving for excellence, they not only enhance our product offerings but also contribute to the preservation of honeybees and the ecosystems they support.

At Treasures of Himalaya, our R&D team is the dynamic force propelling us forward. They stand as the custodians of innovation, quality, sustainability, and community. Their dedication ensures that we remain steadfast in our endeavor to provide you with nothing less than the best that the Himalayas have to offer. In every jar of our honey, you'll find not just a product but the culmination of their unceasing passion and commitment to excellence. Join us in celebrating their invaluable work and the sweet rewards it brings to your table, to your community, and to the world. Together, we're nurturing a future where honey and beekeeping thrive as vibrant testaments to nature's bounty.

Meet the Team at Treasures of Himalaya

Our team at Treasures of Himalaya is the dynamic force that fuels our unwavering commitment to delivering the world's finest Himalayan honey while championing the principles of sustainability, quality, and community. Let's take a closer look at the passionate individuals who form the backbone of our mission:

**The Beekeepers**: Our expert beekeepers are the true stewards of our hives, caring for our pollinators with unparalleled expertise. Their meticulous attention ensures the well-being of our precious honeybees and the creation of high-quality honey.

**Quality Control Specialists**: Meticulous and dedicated, our quality control specialists stand as the gatekeepers of purity and flavor. Every drop of honey undergoes their scrutiny to meet our uncompromising standards.

**Marketing and Sales Professionals**: Our creative and dedicated marketing and sales team connects Treasures of Himalaya with customers worldwide. They are the storytellers, sharing the diverse flavors and health benefits of our honey, making sure our message reaches those who seek nature's bounty.

**Research and Development Team**: Innovation is the lifeblood of our progress, and our R&D team is at the forefront of exploration. They tirelessly seek new possibilities, from developing innovative honey varieties to optimizing our production processes.

**Customer Support Heroes**: Committed to exceptional service, our customer support team is the bridge between our customers and our brand. They assist customers, answer inquiries, and build lasting relationships based on trust and the quality of our products.

**Sustainability and Environmental Stewards**: Beyond the honey-making process, we have a dedicated team focused on environmental stewardship. They actively contribute to protecting the pristine Himalayan environment through sustainable beekeeping practices, ensuring our impact on nature is one of harmony and preservation.

Our team's collaborative spirit, united by a shared love for nature and a deep commitment to our vision, ensures that Treasures of Himalaya remains a beacon of integrity and passion in the world of honey production. We eagerly anticipate sharing the treasures of the Himalayas with you and continuing our positive impact on our planet and the communities that are an integral part of our journey. Together, we're sowing the seeds of a sustainable future, where honey, nature, and humanity thrive in harmony.

Our team at Treasures of Himalaya is not just a collection of individuals; we are a family bound by a common purpose and a deep-seated love for the natural world. Our shared commitment extends beyond the borders of our workplace, reaching into the very heart of the communities we touch. Through our beekeeping initiatives, we have fostered a network of local beekeepers who share our dedication to sustainable practices and the preservation of these vital pollinators. We are proud to support them and their families, creating a ripple effect of prosperity that goes beyond honey production.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we are acutely aware of the importance of sustainability. Our environmental stewardship team diligently works to ensure that our beekeeping practices are not only gentle on the pristine Himalayan environment but actively contribute to its protection and rejuvenation. We believe that honey production can coexist harmoniously with the delicate ecosystems of the Himalayas, and we're committed to setting an example for responsible and sustainable practices in the industry.